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saint honore with tropical fruit and cream milk

Saint Honore with Tropical Fruit and cream milk Recipe

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  • 30Mins
  • Easy
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  • Preparation time: 00:20
  • Cooking time: 00:10
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  • 1 Dole can of Tropical Fruit with cherry and nata de coco 432g
  • 6 big spoons of of
  • 15 cl of of
  • 1 large flaky pastry
  • 10 g of of pine nuts
  • mint leaves
  • 1 tea spoon of of Lime
  • Orange blossom.
  1. Drain the dole fruit and keep the syrup in a pan, cook it to get caramelized, then add the lime. Cool it and add orange blossom. Put in the fridge.

  2. Spread the flaky pastry and cut 2 circles, 10 cm of diameter. In this circle, cut a smaller one, 6 cm of diameter, to have a hole.

  3. Bake all the circle around 10 minutes in a hot oven, with a baking plate on it to keep it flat.

  4. Put NESTLÉ Cream and NESTLÉ Sweetened Condensed Milk in a bowl and beat it until it becomes solid. Then put it into a piping bag fitted with a star and make the decoration on the circle pastry. Into the hole, add the Dole Tropical Fruit salad, add the syrup prepared before on the top of it and decorate the plat with pine nuts and mint leaves.

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