The sweetest frostings

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The sweetest frostings The sweetest frostings
The sweetest frostings

Frosting is only one of our favorite sweet things. That’s why, we’re learning more about the different types available and how to master their perfect texture. After all, a cake isn’t truly a cake without a sweet and rich layer of frosting?



For something that looks so impressive, glaze is quite easy to make by preparing some gelatin and some glucose syrup before combining with white chocolate and Nestlé Sweetened Condensed milk. The syrup gives your glaze texture and gelatin gives it that shimmer and shine effect. To make sure your glaze settles fast and well, freeze your cake before pouring the glaze to give it the ultimate professional finish.



Perfect for decorating cakes, ganache brings two of the richest ingredients together: chocolate, and heavy cream. The basic recipe is to mix 1 cup of cream with two cups of dark chocolate for a smooth and glossy finish. You can also whip the mix if you need a lighter texture and color.
A tip about ganache: you can cool it then beat it until it’s fluffy and firm before drizzling onto decadent chocolate truffles.

Royal Icing:

Royal Icing

Usually used to decorate cakes and cookies. There are 2 ways for you to make this hard yet delicate icing, either from scratch by whipping powdered sugar with egg whites and thinning it down with some water or by buying meringue powder, which you can get from most grocery stores, and mixing it with some water and food coloring.

Whipped Cream Frosting:

Whipped Cream Frosting

More stable than regular whipped cream, this combination of cream cheese, powdered sugar, and double cream (or heavy whipped cream) does wonders to any cake. Blend the sugar and cream cheese together then drizzle the cold cream slowly and steadily into the bowl while the hand mixer is still running. Switch off the mixer and scrape lumps before they get into your mix. For best results, refrigerate the cream, the mixing bowls and even the whip’s attachment.

Cooked Frosting:

Cooked Frosting

Also known as ‘7 Minute Frosting’ or ‘Italian Meringue Buttercream’. This type of frosting is slightly more delicate than the rest, but the end result is worth every second. Heat sugar and water to just the right temperature before pouring the mix slowly onto egg whites, as they’re being whisked in a stand mixer. The combination will create a cooked meringue that’s light, smooth and doesn’t crust.



The most popular frosting, buttercream comes in 5 different varieties and endless ways of customizing each one of them. Most buttercreams are based on a combination of a type of fat like butter, cream cheese or vegetable shortening with confectioners’ sugar. By whipping these two main ingredients together, you get a fluffy cream to decorate or layer your cake. Avoid having your velvety smooth buttercream melt by always storing your cake or cupcakes in the fridge until the moment you need to set up.

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